PVP Arena custom weapons

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  1. I can't find any info in the wiki or the forums on what the attributes on these renamed weapons/armor are at the PVP arena on SMP6.

    Are they just regular items renamed or are there enchants on them?
  2. idk probably enchanted and named
  3. The weapons and armor for sale at /v pvp are just regular armor and weapons, nothing special about them. They aren't promos or anything, they are just regular enchanted weapons.
  4. opps sorry didnt get that i though weapons you brough to pvp
  5. enchanted with what though? I'm looking for details
  6. Each one has a sign on it that states its enchants, or you can click it once to see all enchants and attributes. :)
  7. um unless I'm blind then I'd say that none of them have signs on them that say what the enchants are and clicking on them does nothing. i just both left clicked and right clicked on the item frame and nothing.

    i'd just buy one to find out but they are pricy.
  8. Don't click the item frame, click the buy sign. Enchanted items need two clicks to be bought. :) The first click displays the item info, the second buys the item. Sorry, you're right, my last post was quite unclear.
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  9. ah ok, that worked. thanks.
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  10. What was on it?