PvP and Anti-Griefing

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Is it ok to build deadly traps in and around the own base in the wild?

Poll closed Jul 26, 2012.
Yes 6 vote(s) 30.0%
No 14 vote(s) 70.0%
  1. Hi there,
    day before yesterday, a friend was killed with fire by another player and his equipment and stuff were stolen while he was away from keyboard for a few minutes. The attacker was reported and it seems that he is already banned (at least he has posted that on his profile along with excuse that he lit the fire with flint and steel by accident).

    The question is about if and how to protect oneself from griefers and what methods are acceptable.

    Is it ok to build (deadly?) traps around the own base in the wild?
    With an obligatory "Danger, keep away" sign?

    Is it ok to fight back within the own base?
    If yes, how?
    (Another player mentioned using arrows yesterday...)

    Thank you,
  2. Traps that kill Players?

    If you mean with Flint and Steel, no.
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  3. Obvious lava moats are acceptable.
  4. What Max has said is correct. However, using a trap simply to kill people and take their stuff will get a player banned. And despite what some people may think, we are well capable of telling the difference between both of these.
  5. Only traps of which are obvious in which what they can achieve are allowed... Anything that is built to intentionally kill a player through them unknowingly walking into it such as arrows shooting from dispensers are not allowed as they are considered a form of PvP!

    Basically if you are unsure of how obvious something is compared to what it can do or if your unsure just don't do it! If you know that the trap your building will cause death by people walking around peacefully in the wild then don't build it, Just think about ways to hide your base not how to protect it!

    I would like to request that JustinGuy does in fact offer the ability for players to buy the sponge block from the Empire Shop to assist in protection against griefers... I am not entirely sure if this block still exists though but it would be nice to see it there as a tool to protect against griefers!
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  6. You mentioned warning signs, lets say player A, break the sign, player B comes skipping along, falls into trap /reports you.
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  7. Bah, I have had this problem before. I build a gigantic random mob trap, and a guy, likely a griefer, broke in. He died, and /reported me. Luckily, I think the mods understood it was meant for mobs, simply becuase of the simplistic design, and the fact it was floating in the air. Would it be okay to make a sealing design? like, for example, make them fall into a very large pit, with water, and seal the top? And probably make the edges with a couple thick obsdian. There would be a warning sign, stating it is dangerous up ahead/traps.
  8. and i don't know, i think this should be allowed but i also don't at the same time. you're defending your property and your homestead - and we should be able to defend it. though looting a dead body would be wrong whether there was intent to harm or not.
  9. I repeat to clarify: I'm thinking about ways and methods to prevent griefing and protect a base in the wilderness. Nothing else.

    The question is if it is ok
    - to build traps that prevent intrusion
    - to build (deadly) traps that punish griefing.
    Example (fictional): griefer breaks a sign "Do not grief" => griefer falls into deep lava

    If there are logs about created and destroyed signs (with text, date/time and place), it would be possible to tell who griefed a distinct location.

    Mods: would you provide this information upon request? Would you accept a report about (yet) unknown griefer?

    What happens if one breaks a block with attached lock sign (from the back side)?