Puzzle and Dragons

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  1. Does anyone play this wonderful, colorful game?
  2. I know this is kind of a late reply, but yeah! I got it about a month ago.
  3. dude, friend code, nowww!
  4. My ID is 349,331,352.
  5. Mine is 328.276.323. Sent you a request just now.
  6. Request accepted! :)

    ...Now what?
  7. now i can use your dude to fight, and you can use mine. we get PAL points for it, too.
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  8. Cool, so that's what it does.
  9. Yeah. Look for my Horus in your friends list. We both get points, and I'm pushing exp onto him pretty heavily. He'll be maxxed soon, and I'm trying to get evo materials required to evolve him when he gets to 50.
  10. O.0 Wow.

    That monster is pretty impressive.

    I only get to play for, at max, fifteen minutes a day, so I'm not as high leveled. My Shaitan was only a lucky draw from the Pal Egg Machine.
  11. You'll build stamina pretty fast. ive only had this team for maybe three weeks.
  12. I would like to pick up Puzzle and Dragons: Fist of the North Star. Otherwise, I haven't touched the series.
  13. its very fun, and addictive. The game boy version might be more enjoyable, as I have to wait to play sometimes.