Puzzle and Dragons

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  1. I figured I'd make a thread about this game describing what it is and why I enjoy it. The game is kind of like a mixture between Pokémon and bejeweled. It is a mobile game. The object of the game is to get creatures and level them up and evolve them by using other monsters. You then use these monsters to attempt to complete dungeons that get you more monsters. The dungeons range greatly in difficulty. The game is a long running game. It is free, but does have in-game purchases. To be clear, you can play without buying anything (which is what I do). It is just more of a challenge. The way to get the best monsters is to roll at this kind of gacha machine. (If you don't know what that is, Google it. :) ) I would suggest only rolling during a "godfest". You can use friend leaders in this game. I have gotten pretty far. You may put a message in this thread if you would like me to accept any friend requests you may send me. I will be posting my ID number, shortly.
  2. My ID number is 384,782,225.