Put on sticky keys can't do anything need help

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  1. So I put on a sticky keys and can't do anything, any help how to. Get rid of it?
  2. Press shift again 5 times, click disable sticky keys.
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  3. Fixed it but now some keys wont work. ):
  4. Have you tried restarting your computer?
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  5. I hate that option, when you are doing like survival games, and it it happen, it is like an auto-kill' :p
  6. Yep just did that and figured out that I just can't double tap keys
  7. Unplug it and plug it back in.
  8. That did'nt work either, I think I may have to get a new keyboard.
  9. I have been having a similar but unrelated problem recently with my Laptop. While in Creative and Flying- Sticky Keys is a bit over eager to start up when I am trying to fly down
  10. The shortcut for sticky keys (pres shift 5 times) can be disabled. Just press shift 5 times, and when the sticky keys pop up appears, besides the yes and no options there should be a link to configure sticky keys. Click that and you should see a checkbox to turn off the shortcut.
  11. I fixed the sticky key problem but it seems in the process I have made it so that I can not double tap any keys.

    EDIT: fixed it. :)
  12. Ok I heard a lot of that sticky key thing its so easy to fix who ever needs help please follow this.
    step 1:when the sticky key comes out when you press shift click yes or edit.
    step 2: If you click yes it might work If not click edit .
    step 3: when you click edit you will see the option click disable .
    NOTE: If this does not work please DONT blame me.
    Have fun in emc :D

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  13. Macs dont have sticky keys MUWAHAHAH!
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  14. But macs suck for playing Minecraft. Mac graphics run off opengl and so do minecraft graphics, so it makes it lag.
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  15. mac's don't have alot of things
  16. AGREE
  17. Yeah macs suck for gaming but I dont have to deal with small problems like this.
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  18. xD