Pure simple redstone.

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  1. So I just made little number in my redstone testing world and thought I'd share it, its a semi-auto wood farm. 2012-08-27_22.04.56.png 2012-08-27_22.04.49.png 2012-08-27_22.04.44.png
  2. Nice looks like mine i made at my res, nice work
  3. Thanks. :)
  4. so how does this work? because just from the look of it and me not knowing how it works it kinda looks like those sand gens where sand is duplicated.
  5. Theres one spot where you plant the sapling and then bonemeal as soon as the tree grows a redstone repeater sends a signal to a line of pistons witch push the wood down, then as soon as the wood reaches a certain point it blocks a redstone power line witch leads to inverter wich will then power a wall of pistons to push wood over 1 block.
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  6. so is it duplicating the wood?
  7. No. Just makes it not as much as a pain to harvest.
  8. No. When the sapling grows, a redstone current powers the log. the log sends the charge to a repeater wich activates the pistons.
    And, I recommend you check out ob1bob69's 3rd res. Its a semi auto wood and stone farm- he can choose which.