Pure evilness

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  1. What is this nonsense
  2. Caught red handed 2013-11-25_18.46.49.png
  3. Love this!
  4. And this is ''Pure Evilness''... how exactly?
  5. The title is more of a joke, the thread itself is showing some players having fun with staff members and joking around.
    another unique feature about EMC.
  6. Long live the gamekribjim!
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  7. you mean.... Grey-Handed?!?
    (yea ok im gonna go drown this post in the pacific ocean)
  8. 2012-12-31_23.34.08.png
    Yeah... Don't ask.
  9. He was placing bedrock on my res -.-
  10. Dang it, Jim. One job.
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  11. Look at our super mature staff we have here at EMC!