/purchase animal command

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  1. I think that when you do /purchase animal you should get a spawner egg, not a spawned animal. Animals that I have spawned have suffocated in walls and a spawner egg would just be easier. Also, if you use spawner eggs, the player would be able to spawn any non-hostile mobs. (Like baby slimes). Also, I think chickens should only be 25-50r, cows and sheep 250r, pigs 125r and mooshrooms 350r. Or something similar with chickens and pigs cheaper, and mooshrooms more expensive.
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  2. You wouldnt be able to spawn baby slimes as they are still the same mob as slime and slimes are hostile mobs.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. You are actually very close to guessing the animals update I am working on ;)
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  4. Not going to lie, i'm pretty excited for this update you're talking about Justin. Any release dates? ;P
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  5. Meh when I am happy with it. Hopefully before next weekend but no promises :)
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  6. haha I'm crossing my fingers :).
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  7. I've been thinking about this for about 3 weeks and haven't gotten the chance to post it. Yay that everyone likes the idea and I hope that it happens. About slimes-If damage is turned off (Which it is) then they can't do any harm. Am I right?

    And what animals update? I haven't read the forums for a while.
    Also, what part am I close to guessing about? The price or eggs?
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