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  1. Several players have been asking me if they can purchase additional rupees (rather than waiting for the daily supporter rupees). We really could use the extra support to keep the Empire running as we expand. What does everyone else think?
  2. Nothing wrong with that. If people are willing to donate money and gain rupees in return, let them.
  3. aus steals my thoughts >.> i am starting to think he has my brain tapped .....no issue with it in my book so long as conversion rate is decent like 1$=100 rupees or something like that
  4. Not sure what the rate would be yet, I would have to play with the numbers.
  5. $10 for 1,000 rupees seems fairly reasonable, considering it takes 100 hours to accrue 1,000 rupees.
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  6. Correct me if I am wrong but that would mean rupee to dollar ratio would be 1 - 0.01 (1 cent per rupee).
  7. I believe you are correct.
  8. that might be a bit too pricey as a iron member who pays 5$ will accrue ~9000 over the month. I realize there is value in convenience , not sure on where that line should be drawn tho. Just my $.02 on this.
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  9. I think we will find that this makes a very unrealistic, possilby totally screwy, in-game economy.
  10. i think 5$ should gets you 1000 and as we go up the ladder you get more rupees. So like if i buy 10$ worth i get an extra 5% of rupees and so on.
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  11. It just realized this afternoon more clearly than ever why the idea of paying for rupees with real life money seems wrong to me (along with getting rupees for being a supporter).

    It destroys the survival aspect of the game.

    I was talking with one of the diamond supporters today and this person said they hadn't left town in something like a month. With the rupees this person gets for paying real money, they don't ever need to go and get resources.

    That's not necessarly a bad thing, but it's not a survival game anymore at that point.

    Each to thier own of course, but I wouldn't want to destroy one of the most fun aspects of the game for myself like that.

    And I totally understand why the admin want to put something like this in place. They need money to keep this server going and to make it grow into something even better. I just wish there was another alternative.
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  12. liz has vaid point but it is a necessary evil :/ that or charge to play on the server
  13. I know that it might destroy the "fun" of the game,But if you get your wallet and pay with your own money,Then its gotta be something that you want.And if you want to play survival,well,Just dont by anything.Just becuse you can rob a bank,Dosent mean that you are going to do it :D,(bad example,I know ;))
  14. When Justin and I started talking about memberships, our main focus was to make it so that we don't ruin the core of the survival game for the individual with anything that we add. Primarily meaning, we won't take things away from those who never want to become a supporter. I think this idea, while some may not like it, still holds true to that.

    While, it may ruin the survival aspect for that individual person, anyone who is not a supporter and does not buy rupees can still freely play in the survival theme without any changes. In fact, in a way, it might actually benefit (in a very small way of course) survivalists by not having those who don't want to leave Town take up resources in near areas (Though, that problem will be fixed soon enough alone with our Outposts).

    On the same note, I do also know some Supporters (Beardswell for example) who still go out and adventure everyday.
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  15. I support the server because i want to keep it around one of the only reason y i got diamond really i havent spent much with rupees example:
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  16. I agree with Jeremy and Dark_Liz. Does just buying rupees and using the store and never leaving Town ruin the survival part of the game? Sure it does, but not everyone is the same. Some people may rather buy rupees and stay in Town, some may prefer to never spend a rupee and only adventure to find things. You could also have a mix, where someone just wants a few extra rupees to complete a project but they still explore and enjoy it. Either way what people do only effects their playing style in the Empire, each person is free to play how he/she feels fit and providing different experiences for different people is good.

    Additionally we do have to keep funding the Empire somehow and unfortunately if we just asked for kindness donations we wouldn't be able to keep up. We will always run a free server, because we understand not everyone can support, and trust me if I could afford to pay for the entire thing myself I would (and we have done this for years with the other communities). But at the same time I don't feel that rewarding supporters is evil.
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  17. Yeah, good point Justin. Everyone totally has their own unique playing style. And any one is not better than another.

    The idea of paying for in-game stuff with real life money isn't evil (I would know, lol), but it also isn't ideal... for several reasons.

    Still, it does seem like the best option for generating money for the server that has been concieved of so far.

    I do imagine there may be other possibilities though, we just haven't thought of them yet. :)