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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by superboyman, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. I experienced an immature person say some things. I don't know if he gets a ban or a temp-ban or a kick, all I know is he deserves a punishment.

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  2. Did you use the report function to report him? Also, it might be best to PM a moderator. :)
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  3. i thought it better if i gave them proof with a thread.
  4. I don't think you should've posted this, but since I have seen this you definitely need to /report him in-game or take this to a mod. (PM a mod http://empireminecraft.com/conversations/add?to=Maxarias)

    Also, just commenting on the whole picture, he should be fixing all his obvious grammar mistakes before calling other's 12 years old.
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  5. There seem to be a few of these on tonight. One came on SMP2, came out of the tutorial, cursed a few times, cursed at me and then got banned.
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  7. I always wonder what motivates those people. Like I could hypothetically get the appeal of joining some random server and doing some legitimate, creative trolling. But just getting on and cursing for like 5 minutes before you get banned seems so pointless and lame. If you're gonna troll, at least be a good troll :D
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  8. Lol. I'm, well lets just say i'm somewhere between 10-14 (don't want to give too much info), and I use grammer correctly.
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  9. Additional info:
    He has been temp-banned, the ban will be lifted in 9 days, but I personally think people like these never learn lessons.

    P.S: His profile on EMC says he's a male, but he has a girl MC skin XD
  10. When I was a noob I would go on minecraftservers.net and find the least popular server and just start trolling around.
  11. you don't know, maybe his dream is to be able to change that :p
  12. My profile picture makes me look like I have something in my eye.
  13. The way this person acts is not for a 33 year old. Dude kinda obvious YOU'RE LYING.
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  14. Just to add, even though staff can check chat logs, the best thing to do when including screenshots for an incident is pasting it into the /report

    If there's no room, or something else is up, best to PM an online moderator :)
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