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  1. Hello, I am writing here to inform you on a new business!

    It will be a Publishing Business!

    You may be thinking what is the point of paying rupees when you can just copy and paste it yourself! That is where you are wrong! When we make our books, we can add colour wherever you want! We can make words italic! We can make words bold and underlined! We can even make words that have a line through them!

    How to get a book by the business?

    There are 2 ways of doing this, the first being to put a link in the comments below leading to the EXACT page you want put into the book! Only the text will be imported, and ALL the text on that page will be put in! The second way is easiest if you want to make something up yourself, just write it in the comments and add colour etc etc wherever you see fit. With the first way, the colour may not show up when you paste it into a comment, you will have to add that yourself!

    What are the prices?

    The pricing is simple...


    1 Book To Be Published - Package A - 80r
    2 Book To Be Published - Package B - 150r
    3 Book To Be Published - Package C - 200r

    You then need to decide what is in your book, this will add onto the price.

    Ordinary Word - 25 for 3r
    Coloured Word - 1 for 3r
    Underlined Word - 2 for 3r
    Bold Word - 2 for 3r
    Striked Word - 2 for 5r
    Italic Word - 2 for 3r

    Love Letters are available, delivered secretly to your love. Just add LOVE at the top of your comment! - 150r extra per book. Wipple will add some more special loving things as he sees fit, if you do not want this put LOVE2 on top of your comment! These books can even be given to players you like IRL, you may get a date!

    Why Choose Us?

    These quality books are made from 100% Cow Leather, NO horse meat!
    These books are perfect to get a IRL date from!
    These books are perfect for gifts!
    These books are really affordable!

    Thank you for reading,