[Public Utility] Smp1 Public Head Farm

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  1. Location:
    So to get to this location is very simple. Head on our EMC servers and get down to SMP1 by doing '/server smp1'. After that head to Wastelands Wilderness Outpost North by doing '/waste north'. While at the wastelands outpost, head behind the wastelands north teleporter and head down the stairs and then you will find the head farm =).

    Wastelands North Teleporter

    Entrance to Head Farm

    How to use:
    The head farm is pretty easy to use when you get the hang of it.
    Step 1. Make sure you have no armor or items on you and you have set your bed spawn location already.
    Step 2. Keep on jumping down the hole, dying and respawning until your head drops, if your head is dropped it should be in the chest next to the bed. Note* It could take up to 30 seconds for your head to be in the chest.
    Step 3. Have fun getting and displaying your heads =)
    Here are some extra photos of the head farm:

    Save Area
    save area.PNG

    Exit to Waste North

  2. Extremely useful. Thanks for building this! :)
  3. just used it. best thing for me, as i live on smp4. and spawn bed is in wild. So going to another smp for head collection is the way to do it.
  4. I must be missing something, but this is in the /waste.. Doesn't that mean it will be reset?
  5. As this was not that hard to build, I really don't mind building it again =)
  6. Also the automatic chest thing isn't working so I replaced it by jumping down where the chest was, getting the head, and climbing back up a water ladder (I will update the op soon)
  7. yeah its better like that. i noticed there a sign missing in the water elevator
  8. That was me, sorry. :(. I accidentally removed one of the water blocks and couldn't get back up. >.<
  9. If you haven't replaced I will gladly do it since it was a accident and I understand =)
    Edit: I found the broken sign and replaced it so elevator is now fixed =)
  10. Thank you. I apologize for breaking it.
  11. No worries =)
  12. Also, I was thinking: it would be helpful if there was an enderchest next to the chest that collects the heads. That way, you can quickly store your heads without having to run back to spawn. And it would be nice if there was a lava pool in that room too so that you can teleport to the top by killing yourself instead of having to use the water elevator.
  13. Not a bad idea, I'll probably add those in right now =)
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  14. +1 on the lava pool idea
  15. We had a little greifing incident but all has been dealt with so please anyone who has set there bed spawn near the ladder please set it again as it was destroyed and I also have added a encher chest and lava "elevator" =)
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