Public Town in Wild N [SMP7]

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  1. Hello!
    ChrisTheHylian here, and I want to say something! :) Have you ever heard of Koskop? If not, its a town in the wild on SMP7. Anyway, Koskop has gone, well...idle. Once a thriving city, has become an abandoned settlement. Koskop has been re-established at a new location by myself and Kosterhaus, named Lakeside! I have always wanted to start my own town, even before Koskop, and now was a good time! Anyone who wants to live, or have a storage unit in the wild is welcome to build a home in Lakeside, so come on down! Lakeside Directions Go to /wild n, and press F3. Once you are facing EAST, go forward. You will need a boat to arrive, as it is across the ocean, or as the locals at Lakeside call it, the Northern Ocean. Once on land, go through the snowy forest, until you hit a desert. The desert is small, so continue east across it. Then, cross the river, or as we call it, the Creek of Hyrule, go up the hill, and you are there.

    • No griefing!
    • Be kind to all residents.
    • Do not steal!
    • Have fun!!! ;)
    Staff member Aphea is aware of our town, so do not steal, or she will be notified! Please come and enjoy yourself in our little town, which we hope grows!!!

    Population as of 1.21.16
    10 Residents
    January 15th, 2016 (1.15.16)
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  2. I have a feeling Some noob is going to grief this...
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but while we are told not to grief peoples builds in the wild (or anywhere) (aka temporary builds they made while collecting), is it not frowned on to make what could be considered more permanent structures there? Just asking for my clarity, thanks

    (EDIT: added (or anywhere) )
  4. Count me in
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  5. Quite the opposite. The wild AKA frontier is specifically for building outposts, what you're not supposed to do there is mine/dig up all the sand/collect other non-renewables. Of course, if you're digging things up to make room for a building/tunnel in the wild, that's okay.

    It's the wastelands that we're discouraged from building in, only because they reset periodically. If you are digging up resources please make sure you go to /waste.
  6. Ah, see I didnt realize that wild = frontier..... To me wild was aka wasteland :)

    Which puts a much different take, I totally understood the actions your allowed in both then, I was just unclear that people were calling the Frontier...Wild. (which is my fault...seeing as forum is called Wilderness Frontier :) )

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  7. Yeah, it's a bit confusing that it has 2 names. Most people call the frontier 'wild' because you can type '/wild' to get there. :)
  8. Like this place!