Public Sugarcane Farm (3941, SMP2)

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  1. Hello Empire! I have just finished placing the signs for my FREE Sugarcane Farm st 3941 on smp2.
    When you spawn on the res, you will fall down a ladder to the actual buying area. You can buy amounts of cane ranging from 1 stack (64) to 27 stacks (1728).

    If you have any questions, you can post them or pm me.

    Farm Specs:
    4 Farms
    20 layers per side
    2 sides per farm
    Total: 160 layers

    Farm Design:
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  2. Thank you for a DC of free cane :D
  3. Your welcome :D
  4. Thanks for 32 dc's of sugarcane:)
  5. I made the storage :D!
  6. Ah yes, and it is about 3/4 of the way full :p
  7. good to see there's more public cane farm that are opening on other smps.
  8. bump, i need to stock it more, but there should be at least some in there
  9. There's barly anything in there :p Most of em are out of stock but some 64's are still in stock
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