[Public] Sugar Cane Farm! All you can eat Sugar!

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  1. I just opened up this nice Sugar Cane farm!
    You can either be awesome and buy 64 Sugar cane for 1r or get it entirely for free via the 2nd chest!

    This building is full automated and costed me a truck load of rupees to build!

    The Building itself:
    Sugar Cane collection room

    and an empty Donation wall

    Residence: 18044
    Server: SMP9
  2. But you can't eat sugar in minecraft...
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  3. omg I died laughing at this LOL
  4. Awesome! I would go to this but many people do a sugar cane farm and there is also on just like this on SMP4, which is my home server sooooo:rolleyes: sorry. I'll donate though! Cya around!
  5. I'm going to come! Theres one sugar cane farm on smp3 but its always out of stock. :( So I will check this out later!