Public rupees balance?

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  1. I am currently working on a big rupees system update. Part of this update is that you will be able to view your rupee history (sort of like a bank account) on the site. This way you will be able to remember what you spent rupees on and you will be able to see things like who purchased from your shop when you were offline. Currently we have a way in game to view the richest players (/rupees top). I was considering moving this to a site but I am not sure how everyone feels about it. The question is "should everyone's rupees balance be public"? What I mean by that is should any player be able to see how much rupees you have? Or should we keep it private (unless you want to share)?
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  2. I think the history system is a great idea. I often find myself logging on and discovering that I have three-four hundred rupees that I didn't have when I logged off. I also think the site is a good idea, but it should be possible for users to hide their exact balance and show simply the rank.
  3. I'd opt for the balance, and rank, being private myself. ...just my preference. I could even do without the top 5 list in-game personally.

    It'll be cool to be able to review all your transactions on the website though. I can see that coming in very handy now and then for sure.
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  4. says the person who is 1st on the list. :p, jk jk, but This is a great idea, since I cant go ingame during school and im on forums way more often, this could seriously help me, and not just me, lots of other people aswell
  5. I agree with this :) I was just thnking the other day it would be awesome to see a list of transactions. I also think rupees being public should be optional.
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  6. Transaction idea is great, seeing who bought what is even more awesomeness in a cookie jar.
    The balance being public should be optional like sanity said above me.
    More often then not if people know how much a person has, they will be more inclined to start begging for rupees.
    (It's like the reason why people who win the lottery are advised not to make that public)
  7. Im All for this idea as it adds something else for Non-Supporters (Such as Myself) to do while on the forums to check What has been sold in those periods of times when they cant get on to there server that they live on. as for the displaying everyones rupees rank im going to have to 3rd on what sanity mops had said in a previous post :
    it should be a choice to show their amount of rupees, just not fully blank them off the list so to make sure there's not just a randomized list when people do want to show themselves then remove themselves from the list (if you understand :p ), maybe just blank out the name of the player not the rank number?
  8. To be honest, I actually do not see why having your balance public is a problem. Maybe Justin for those who would really like to have their balance private you could add in a command say [/money private] and that would make their balance invisible on the site.

    For some people it is quite the "moral boost" so to speak to have their monumental sums on display. ;)

    Hope this can help you Justin :)
  9. this will help with people who claim they have like 500,000 rupees when they only have like 2,000 :p
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  10. Well then maybe Justin could add an ingame command [/money (playername)]
  11. I'd rether have it on the forums because I'm on teh forums more often.
  12. I thought this was already in game?
  13. That would be /money rank [Playername]
  14. No it isn't unfortunately :)
  15. This only becomes useful when the player is ranked 200 and above, the reason being, you the max you can see with [/money top (number)] is 200:) But what if you wanted to see how much someone has and they are ranked 900 ?
  16. that's why justin said he's going to put a list on the forums stateing exactly howmuch each player has
  17. The question was actually if everyone liked or disliked this idea :) looking for community feedback :)
  18. oh, well I for one, LOVE it <3 :D
  19. lol it is funny how the "telephone effect" can transform your OP into something new.
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  20. I love that game :D we played it in world geography 3 weeks ago and it started "i like ducks"and ended up something about "I have big bucks"