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  1. Hello EMC!

    I wold like to provide the community with two public things: a large, Mass production stone generator, as well as a auto farm with trees, wheat, melons, pumpkins, etc.

    For the Stone generator, I have modified a design from a YouTube video, and Gunthro and ArtsyFartsy will help me modify it even more so that it will never break.
    However, if I let the public use this, they could grief the residence.
    If you have any suggestions about this please reply to the thread.

    The melon and pumpkin "generator" will all be semiautomatic, meaning that I have to push the lever for the piston to extend, otherwise everyone would be killing the plants before they were even on Stage 1 of growth. :D

    The wheat farm uses villagers and minecarts, blah blah blah, so does potatoes and carrots.

    I remember researching that cactus and sugar cane, when pushed by a piston, will turn into dropper items. Please tell me if that's correct or not. If it is I will use the same design as the melon and our pumpkin one.

    I'm going to research more on trees; haven't really gotten into that yet.

    The residence for the plants and trees will be on a separate on from the Stone generator, because I will only be giving container flags, not build flags on this residence.

    Of course, I need two more residences. If anyone wants to help me out that would be great.

    Please help me create a service together!

  2. Sorry, I can't do much here.
    1. Im not a supporter :(
    2. I would love to help but my res is really full of buildings. :confused:

    Maybe try asking diamond/gold supporters if they have an extra res
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  4. Much better. =)
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  5. 10316 has a perfect stone generator that cannot be griefed. I'd check that out if I were you.
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  6. If you take a look at allengero's stone gen on his first res, you can get an idea. For no griefing, line the res with furnaces. They require container to break. Second, have pressure plates on the town road (get a road edit) to trigger more stone spawning.
  7. I have found a residence next to mine about to go derelict!
    If anyone would like to claim it and give me admin, that would be awesome!

    When you spawn at my res, it is on your left side.
  8. You know what on my plot I have built a fully automatic pumpkin and melon farm so if u would like me to build one for you but since So if you'd like that then reply or pm me on smp3
  9. I would love that!
    But I need another residence to build this on.
  10. I gave a few people a design to a stone gen that can't be griefed

    what you'd need to do is have move off - or when subzones are made for general public- have the subzone's move off

    The walls around the generator, make it using a container object, like furnii (these can't be griefed, if container is false)

    The mechanics, keep them in the center of the residence, or below reaching distance (6-7 blocks back or more)