Public Paper Villager

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by DarkRanic, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. I've opened up my villager to the public because I'm moving and sadly can't take him with.

    /v 18229 or /v darkranic (SMP9)

    I've set up an emerald donation box and the teleport location by the villager

    He will be there until someone breaks him, or December 7th
  2. If I were you I'd just let friends use it - too easy to break them :/

    Very nice of you though!
  3. I'm deleting him next week anyway so might as well get some use out of him
  4. Alright - that's nice of you :)
  5. I'm shocked at how bad the turn out is... does everyone already have one? or do people not have sugar?
  6. Well... ill just leave my signsture here xD
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  7. cant you walk it to a near by friends res?
  8. No, because it will get teleported back to the original one
  9. Nice Dave, I'll tell people your res when they say "but I don't have any paper" :)
  10. Yay <3
  11. So I go and see Catching Fire with my friends, the one time I don't stay signed in and someone brakes him, doesn't read signs just teleports out it and ruins it :(