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  1. Me and ChickenButler have currently made a small public outpost right off smp9 center waste. All you have to do is go north down the spawn stairs and it should be directly on your right. So far we have added wheat, carrots, potatoes, melons, pumpkins, a dock with boats, and a treefarm. However, eventually we plan to add all basic farm animals, sugarcane, and cocoa beans and by the end of March, or hopefully before, we would like to have a public outpost like so on every SMP except Utopia. We will update this as we make progress and try to keep you informed. Enjoy! :)

    Some general rules if you are going to use this:
    • No griefing
    • If you collect a resource please replant
    • If someone else is there, be mindful of them and leave them some goods
    Servers with completed outpost:
    • SMP1: No outpost yet
    • SMP2: No outpost yet
    • SMP3: No outpost yet
    • SMP4: No outpost yet
    • SMP5: No outpost yet
    • SMP6: No outpost yet
    • SMP7: In the works
    • SMP8: Outpost completed
    • SMP9: Outpost completed
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  2. The Outpost on smp8 has now been complete and is ready for use! A shoutout to jaidenfarris for being a big help and building the structure w/ me and ChickenButler! :)
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  3. Can I join smp9 outpost?
  4. Anyone can, they are all public and can be found by going to /waste c and should be on the right to the northern path.;)
  5. Where? Which outpost?
  6. I should have made this a bit more clear in the OP but every outpost will be at /waste c , to the right of the northern path. Here are directions as that wording can be a bit hard to understand.
    1. Go to /waste c
    2. Head north down the quartz stairs
    3. As soon as you leave Empire property go to your right
    4. Ta-dah! You're now at one of the public outpost
    Edit: I have smp7 planned out and if I'm lucky, we will be able to start and finish it tomorrow.
  7. Is it OK if I can expand it and improve it or modify it? I like building public thingies
  8. Go for it! As long as others will enjoy it and people check with me first like you did, I fine with additions being made.
  9. So far I have added chests for each crop and I will add animals hen I am online again in a minute.