Public Melon Farm

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ZombieSlayer010, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. I'm making a melon farm open to the public on my first residence, 227 on SMP1.
    The estimated production will be about 500 melons a minute, so it'll take some time. I probably will chunk it and only build a quarter at a time or so, and if it gets too ridiculous, I can stop easily.
    Public means free and fast means expensive so I'm open to rupee donations as well as donations of the following blocks. If you donate, I'll love you forever and put your name on the donor lists (Wherever they may be...)
    Donations of the following blocks are greatly appreciated:
    Redstone Torches
    Cobblestone (And a lot of it)
    Melon Seeds

    Donor List:
    Samsimx donated 1DC of iron blocks

    Project status:
    Residence cleared (10%)

    Drop donations off at 227 and PM me when you do, thanks.
    I'll make this thread more colorful later :p
  2. Bump. Coming in short on hoppers, so those would be helpful right now.