Public Iron Farms

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by WayneKramer, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. I feel like building an iron farm for public use. Are there any SMPs that don't already have one?
  2. I'm pretty sure most parties keep their iron farms secret, as they are very time/resource consuming, and would large targets for griefers.
    There's likely room for one on all 9 of the main servers.
  3. Ah, well I'm going to build one just for the sake of building it and the community can take care of the upkeep if they want to or someone can grief it and get banned, either way :)
  4. Build an iron farm out of obsidian :)
  5. You should PM me the coords so I can help :p
  6. You should build it on smp1 please.
  7. I'm building a 2nd public iron farm on SMP5. I believe most SMP's have them. Though it's semi-secret, as many people have realised that griefing is an issue. :(

    It's a shame that 1 individual can ruin things for a whole server.

    Piece of advice: Build it out of the most undesirable, and easily replaceable blocks you can. It's less likely to be griefed, and more easily repair by anyone. Cobblestone
  8. I agree that the people on SMP1 could use one, I haven't seen one yet. They are tough on resources but the mods and higher ups are good on getting the griefers
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  9. i think 1, 3, 4, 9 and utopia have largely known and maintained public farms. i personally do my best to keep up allengeros but he does a better job then me
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  10. Smp7 would love to have one :D We have no public farms on Smp7, and we are a really nice bunch :p I would help, and im sure many other Smp7ers would love to help :D
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  11. I only know of the tree farm on smp1. I'm planning on making free housing in the wild and putting farms and livestock n stuff with it tho.
  12. I know a gold farm on smp1.. It broke doe
  13. I've been on for roughly 100 days and never once heard of public farms because shearing on smp1, fishing, farm, and shearing
  14. so sounds like SMP6 and SMP7 should be the first targets. i'm going to begin scouting spots tonight and then i'll start building.

    and for Chizmaro, I think the reason you might not have heard about public farms is because of the reasons that have been stated -- most people try to keep them secret not just for griefing purposes but also to keep them less busy so they can use them.
  15. there's free shearing on smp1, I have a water hole with free fishing at 2026, and i'm working on the free farm but its gonna be in the wild
  16. I meant beside :p
    I just want to have access to a gold farm
  17. I know a public gold farm.. You have to get through the grief test
  18. The only public gold farm I'm aware of is on SMP3 and I was shown it the other day so I don't mind showing it to you tonight. If you're going to be online in about 4 hours, hit me up and I'll show you how to get to it.

    Gold farms are more intricate and difficult to build for the simple fact that they are built in the nether, so I'm not to the point yet where I want to build one of those... but once I get done with my iron farm I may decide to tackle one of those.
  19. I can get on any day... Griefers griefed my other one.... I need a new one