Public Iron Farm in Frontier

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  1. Yup, exactly as it sounds. I've built an AFK iron farm in the frontier, a little northeast of the South checkpoint. To get there simply head north until you encounter a cobble path on the ocean, and follow the signs to the generator :D The main 2 reasons I made this post are 1.) So that people know about it, and know that it is for anyonext and everyone to use, just try and be courteous and responsible about it, and 2 .) So that no unnecessary bans take place due to "stealing" from the chests at this generator.
    If a staff member could see this, and make sure that players taking itwms out of the 2 chests at the generator will not be seen as stealing or griefing, meaning Noone will be banned, that would be great :3 The only instances in which bans should take place from this farm are if someone decides to grief or break it, kill the villagers, or take the items out of the hoppers, which act as item filters. Thanks to all for reading this, and to any staff members who see this and make sure Noone is wrongfully banned.

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  2. Which smp?
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  3. Yes, I would like to know which SMP so I can see how you made it, if it is vertical or horizontal or both.
  4. I forgot about the SMP number, its on SMP9, and it is fairly small, but if you can set render distance to 32 chunks with optifine, I have made a second one ~100 blocks away, with a building between so both farms will be loaded and running for double efficiency. average with just one loaded was about 25-30 Iron Per Hour, and with both farms loaded I peaked at about a stack per hour of AFK