Public Hotfoot minigame event

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Porphos, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone i plan to host a hotfoot.

    i dont know when i will do it yet, but im looking for suggestions on the dimensions.

    i think i will put a fee for participating.

    suggestions please
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  2. I could google it... but what's hotfoot? And I'd suggest no fee. Just put a chest out with donations.
  3. hotfoot is a game where the wood under the sand burns and you try to be the last to survive
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  4. i plan to put a donations thing if the community is in favor of the hotfoot
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  5. If anyone wants to do a hotfoot it will be on smp4
    im looking for suggestions on dimensions
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  6. im thinking about a 10*10 area
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  7. do you have any suggesions
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  8. i will be putting out a donation hopper on smp4. please donated sand or wood, rupees would be good too
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  9. Well first you should make sure that a mod doesn't qualify this as PvP I don't think it is but just to be safe, Also you do need a prize because if you have a good prize then you will get people to participate
  10. it will be on my res to keep it safe
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  11. ps i think the prize will be a special flint and steal
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  12. Ill do it if its at the right time for me!
  13. bump
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  14. Maybe you should be using sheep
  15. Achievement hunter game I'm in
  16. its a fun game
  17. ????????????????????????
  18. on youtube the group that did hotfoot with sheep, people and did hotfoot x
  19. I was planing on doing this a bit back, but i feel it would not work on EMC. You would have to light the wood your self, and again when the fires go out. Also there is no pvp so you could not hit players off to make it have more of a challenge. And if all the fire goes out and there is 2 or 3 players left, and there all on there own platform the person lighting it would have to pick witch one to light first. Witch would make the players think you picked one player to win by lighting his last.(Suggestion: Use wool instead of wood if you are going to try anyway. wool burns faster and would help counter the fact that there is no pvp.)