Public Horse Race Track @ smp4 8082

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  1. I build a second horse race track which can be used by anybody.
    Unlike my other track, this one has no jumps. So it will be pure racing and does require a little driving skills. It does has some obstacles, but again not for jumps. Only to get passed and make a fair chance for riders that have less stats. I have for example beat a rider with a 119% speed with a 107% speed. Only cause I didn't bump in to stuff.

    Race your friends, alone or race against me! I'm always open for a gamble and a challenge or race just for fun. If you challenge me for a gamble I will ride a horse that is equal to yours. Min bet 50r, max bet 2000r. Winner takes all.

    Go to smp4 /v 8082 or type /v +race and take the teleport to the race track upstairs.

    I made a fair starting system and works as following.
    You will see on the left side of the start a lever and a button.
    Use the lever to open and close fence gate. Use button to activate a minecart which will activate firework. The firework is the starting sign.
    This is what you should do to make it fair.

    -close the gate(lever) and let all riders line up straight against it.
    -open gate and push the button to activate the minecart.
    -minecart will start to drive and at one point it will hit a dispenser and shoots firework.
    -this firework has no bang, so once you hear the simple "peeeeeeeew" this is the sign to go/start.
    -up to you how many rounds a race lasts.

    Some screenshots:

    Have fun and GG! :)