Public Horse Breeding Program

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  1. We all want to see some better horses...with some color and a decent jump.
    Well I am starting a public breeding program.
    Right now all my breeders are dashers, but I have 46 of them.
    Anyone is free to breed them and take the babies.
    If you want to help the cause you can donate the offspring back to me if it is of breeding value.
    If you just want to keep your lucky foul then that's good too.

    Where: /v +dasher on smp8
    Bring your own carrots and stick. I will eventually buy and sell golden carrots but not just yet.
    Be aware the chance of getting a new breeder is quite low, and that's an understatement.

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  2. Is there something in place to prevent people from egging your breeders?
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  3. i tamed them therfore they wont egg
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  4. this is awesome! i dont need it but i love horsies! ^.^ imma check it out.

    4 sure: this is awesome, u guys got to check this out!!
  5. Cool! :p
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  6. I love this idea! I have something similar at 2113. But I didn't think to use the promo horses to raise the chances/stats of the foals. I will be stopping by soon as I can ^_^
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  7. Bump it.
  8. I have alot of junk horses right now speeds from 100-129 someone should raid those chests for me. They are open to all.
  9. After requests I have decided to add dancers and Rudolph to the's the problem tho, I can't find Rudolph and I'd rather buy him before dancers to decide on a quantity. Keep your eyes open for a Rudolph or 6 for sale people.
  10. Got 2 Rudolph horses today..added them to the program....might be a few days before I add dancer. Im realizing just how rare these high speed horses are, so many dcs of free eggs have gone.
  11. id HIGHLY recommend you put the promo horses in your vault other wise if you put them in a chest it will be greifed quicker then you can say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"