[Public Farms] @ 18800 and 18006 and smp9 in total!

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  1. Hello all and for the people that know my work you can lend a helping hand now !

    Since becoming a mod i've had more things to tie up my time as all mods do. So this being said to keep expanding my public farm systems i could use a small helping hand!

    How can i help: Well every little bit helps mostly just donating building supplies help the most " pistions, redstone and stone brick the most" as making these items on a large scale can be time consuming and i often have to leave what im doing for mod duties.

    Where can i donate: @ smp9 res 18313. once you use the /visit command you find the donation teleport right in fornt of you just slightly to your right

    Why should i: You don't have to but i build these things to make Emc life more enjoyable so you help every one beside yourself

    Public Farms you'll be helping:

    18006: Sugar cane/ melon/pumkin/Cactus " coming soon red/brown mushrooms

    18800: stone Gen/Sheep farm/Fishing club

    18313: Sugar Cane

    Deathtopia: the secret but public Exp grinders "those that use it know we need more"
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  2. When you say "helping hand", do you mean items or someone physically helping you build?
  3. I may Donate xD
  4. donated some pistons and redstone, but got little problem with stone bricks, as there is no donation chest for those (just stone) :confused:
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  5. I donated some redstone :D Question for death - What will happen to Deathtopia with enraged endermen coming in? I know they will be a rare sight but still, I am interested to know if there any hcnages :) Thanks! ~FDNY21
  6. well they still apply to the ender men rules of height and what not so in short they'll just be a bit hard to kill in the kill slot no harm done
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