[PUBLIC FARM] Flower farm in TOWN

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  1. Hiya hi!

    It's me again with yet another free farm! FLOWERS!!!

    Come on down to SMP5, res# 10358! I have a public flower farm set up!! All you need to do is bring your own bonemeal!

    How to use!
    1. Insert bonemeal into bonemeal chest.
    2. Go inside farm
    3. Make sure to stand on the wooden steps
    4. Flip Lever
    5. .....?
    6. Profit

    I repeat, make sure to stand on the wooden steps or you WILL fall through the ground.

    The residence is a flower forest biome with one section that is swamp. Yes, you read that right, you can get Blue Orchids here too.

    If you wish to donate any of the flowers you get, or any bonemeal, or any dyes, there is an access chest in the room with all the chests. Feel free to dump any extra in there!

    If you have any issues operating please contact me via PM or in game!
  2. I forgot to mention. The colored glass around the farm signifies the color of flower that you will get.
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  3. Bumping this because I posted it late last night and don't want it to get lost.
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  4. Oh my gosh, I've always been wanting to build one...now you have fulfilled it for me :)
    Thank you!
  5. Dropped 9 stacks of bonemeal in there for the next guy.

    I have seen this design before :rolleyes:... somewhere.... ;P
  6. Awesome! I'll definitely be using this. :)

    However, you might want to fix that spelling error on the access sign for the pink farm. We can't access the chest. ;)