[Public Farm] Did I lag out smp9 again?

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  1. For the people that remember my Public farms "Only the ender farms are left standing" i'll be rebuilding many of them and more!

    Only I have a issue that some of you may be able to solve. I need the materials to do so. If you would like to lend a helping hand I set up 3 chest of some items ill be needing.

    -Stone brick
    -Redstone Dust

    Check out 18797 on smp9 if you wanna donate.
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  2. I can drop off a DC of redstone dust next trip to town.
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  3. I have a bunch of stone I can donate. :)
  4. Dropped off a few stacks of stone, let me know if you need any help actually building/configuring the farms as I would be more than glad to help
  5. Make sure you use a 1.8 build though, 1.7 builds suck lol.
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  6. I do my own custom builds but yes i do update them as the game grows with the patches
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  7. Dropped off. You were afk :p