[Public Event] Damiensmom11's TWO years on EMC!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by DWmom, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. Hello EMC!

    As of July 26th I will have been a part of EMC for two whole years. Two years full of memories, friends, and crafting. Two years of being a part of the best server out there.

    I have recently created a 4 res square build on Smp5. At this res the top floor is what I am calling a lounge. It is open to the public (sans the VIP room). I invite all of you to join me there tomorrow night (short notice i know - but I know that I have off work tomorrow) at 9pm EMC time. Bring your friends and come hang out for a party of sorts.


    Come join me at either 10853, 10854, 10975, and/or 10976 on smp5 for a relaxing time. Wander my garden oasis. Peruse my collection of promos and heads. Relax with friends in the lounge. Stay as long or as little as you would like. I want to thank you, the community, for making these past two years amazing. I look forward to many more to come.


    p.s. If you come I request that you please go into /ch l. I do not want to spam the town chat channel with our chatter. I will remind you to go into local chat (unless you are talking to someone in town). If this request is ignored I will remove your move perms for the duration of the party.

  2. Congrats on two years! I love your party idea. Just pure, good fun in chat, with no pressure to gain prizes or stop people from complaining about lack of items. It's simple, fun, and promotes community bonding. Fantastic idea! :D
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  3. And to think this would not have happened had you died on our nether trip :p

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  4. Congratz on 2 years! Unfortunately, I will be out of town and can't come :(
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  5. Come on by now :) Im on the server. The lounge, garden, and head/promo display are always open to the public :)
  6. Sweet! :D
  7. ..but she won't let me hold the Saltar egg. I just wanna hold it!!
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  8. I'm too smart for that kloned. I'd never see that poor horse again :(
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  9. Nu-uhh you can see it in MY promo room *when it's built*
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  10. I love this.

    Drop parties are nice and all, yeah yeah. You walk in and walk out with free items. We all love free items, and free items can get you money! We love money even more. But...

    I value my life in the amount of legitimate friends I make. This is the perfect way to get the community together. And to offer us some time to simply talk and chill around!

    Although I will be incapable of attending as I will be far out of town, I do hope it all goes well! :) Happy two years to yoooou...
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  11. Congratz on 2 years, mine won't be till February.
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  12. thank you both!
  13. Congrats on two years! I will be there tomorrow night and I look forward to it:)
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  14. Congratulations on 2 years. :) You are getting to be one of the older ones on the server. ;)
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  15. Finally someone understands the meaning of a party!
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  16. Oh no I'm old! ack! lol!
  17. It'll be at 2AM so it's a bit of a late one for me really, probably won't be able to make it, but congrats on two years and i hope you all have a fun meetup! :)
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  18. I'll try to come but I'll be in south dakota then.
    Happy 2 Years :D
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  19. Congrats!
    Almost 3 months from now I'll be double. That means 4 years if you don't bother to click and find my join date.
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  20. Hi Grandpa. :p
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