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Do you think this message stood out and you will choose kindness?

Yes, this message stood out to me, I'm gonna choose kindness. 7 vote(s) 36.8%
No, this message didn't stand out to me. I think I'll go with being mean to people. 13 vote(s) 68.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Howdy Ho, guys! It's your friend! Anyways, I deiced to make anther thread! This thread is public. A lot of my threads weren't. But now, everyone can read this one! Anyways, I made this a public one because I need everyone to here this message. This server is a nice server, they make sure no one gets bullied. This is what I'm here to talk about. Choose kindness, don't let someone be mean to you. I've gotten bullied before, 2 mods bullied me, they got ban. This server chooses kindness, we all should. I choose kindness, we all should, It's a great thing in life to choose. Also, I'm sending this message to all the boys and girls and everyone that plays mine craft, this will be sent across the land.
    Your Kind Friend,
    HelloKittyRo (Also remember to answer the poll and leave a comment!)
  2. Mods bullied you? :confused:
  3. Yes, 2 of them intact::confused:
  4. Also, please remember to leave a comment AND answer the POLL!
  5. Who want?
  6. Not on this server, none of the mods have been banned, at least none in the past few months.
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  7. When "No, this message didn't stand out to me. I think I'll go with being mean to people." has more votes than the nicer option...
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  8. There's not a good option if you really didn't like the thread. I assume most people didn't like the thread (hence the results) and decided to go with the option that made them look like an asshole.
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  9. The nicer option is: "Yes, this message stood out to me, I'm gonna choose kindness.", but I think people are only voting the other one because the message didn't stand out. Not because they want to mean :p Unless you're me :}
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  10. Mods that bullied u?
  11. Being nice has its place, so does being mean. I don't condone being mean for no reason but sometimes being nice isn't an option or otherwise a bad option. :D I picked that it didn't stand out to me and was really uncaring of whether or not that someone thought I was mean. Lots of people today(I would argue the majority) like to use cop outs like, "I'm offended" or "that was not politically correct." sometimes you can't lie and you have to tell the truth and often the truth isn't very nice. I would much rather someone be straight with me than be nice all the time. Being nice all the time is kind of creepy imho.
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