Public Creations (To Share)

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by cooldster, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. I've found that I just enjoy building/doing stuff and sharing them with people / informing others that it's there if they'd like to check it out. Maybe this can be the thread where others can do the same. Anyway, my first creation is located out at sea near coordinates ###, ### on SMP8. It's a mineshaft straight down past the ocean floor. It has an opening coming up somewhere on the island coast to the East. For resources, I've so far mined everything in my path except for gold I skipped over (decent amount!).

    I shall look forward to posting in here more.

    Happy Gaming! :) Peace.
  2. Whoah, you need to remember you're also advertising to griefers where your project is.

    It -will- get griefed if you do this.

    I highly recommend keeping the co-ords secret and sharing that via PM with people that contact you and you trust.

    You may think it's just a mineshaft, but a griefer may flood it with lava, etc.
  3. I know griefers are out there... I wanted to use this first one to gauge how it goes, but since you mention it kilmannan, I just hid the co-ords.