Public Blaze Farms

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  1. hello. I would like to start this to ask if anyone has a public Blaze Farms that work. if you have one that you would let me and Oph5pr1n6 use. please tell me here on this thread. Thank You!!!
  2. There's one on SMP3 just ask around the server. I don't know if it's private though so just ask around.
  3. Thanks Hex ill ask around.
  4. No problem
  5. hex just wanna say thank you for telling me about the farm my friend unicorngirl00 lead me and oph out there and the farm works like a charm
  6. No problem, I used to use it all the time until I got banned. Hope you like and use it a lot. Don't greif or you'll be banned!
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  7. well i hope you appeal and get back on soon man like to see you in game. :)
  8. ssssshhhhh dont say that here staff will see it and trace your ip address :3
  9. Delete everything! ._.