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  1. Public Auction:
    Please come to my residence at 2508 on smp1 on January 2, 2016 2:00 pm EMC time for an amazing auction hosted by agents_of_shield featuring bulk amounts of building materials, rare and promotional items and much much more!! It is open seating, so please sit wherever you like when you arrive. There will be a large stage in the front with rows of chairs in front of it. There will also be item frames holding the items to be auctioned off with a sign under it with product information. As soon as it starts, please be seated. At the end of the entire auction, all winners go to the counter that says "Prize Claim" and follow the directions on the wall. Please come and tell other people about it!! You may come to the location any time with /v 2508 or /v agents_of_shield !! Please enjoy your time!:):cool:
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  2. This actually sounds really fun! I'll try to be there! :)
  3. I'll be coming