Public Access Anvil Replacement System

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  1. Hey shop owners or people who have public access anvils or just any EMCer who loves using anvils :D Here is a 1.5 invention for you.

    Basically it automatically replaces an anvil if one anvil breaks. I know that some shop owners have to place 5 anvils at once and have to make 5 access signs but with this you only have one access sign.

    This is not my original idea but I thought it would be great for EMC. The original tutorial video is below my explanation video.

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  2. That is cool, it would kill my iron supply though... xD
  3. Yeah I guess but its a less wide way to use anvils :p
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  4. Very awesome.

    1.5 is like awesome and annoying at the same time. I've seen so many epic creations before 1.5 that takes SO SO SO much to do/make, and now everyone has to (well not HAS to) take them all down to make these more 'make sense' ones instead. :p
  5. Thanks! And yeah Ikr, the redstone block and redstone comparator has changed the wiring of a lot of redstone creations. In a way its more easier to create but yeah the previous inventions took a lot of hard work to make and it sucks to remake it.
  6. So.. it's a EMC PAAD! :p
  7. Lol
  8. Good video, i may make one specifically for myself since i do alot of repairing.
  9. As roo says, "Bumparoo"
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  10. Bumparoo like a kangaroo
  11. Good old bud switch. I'm surprised at how compact it is might have to make my own.
  12. Youtube's blocked..I want to watch it..grr.
  13. Thanks for posting this heyaroo! I'm gonna make one for my res. It's so inconvenient when your anvil breaks when trying to create enchanted items.
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  14. Nice video roo and haha still have my sign up.
  15. Did you take your video down?