Ps4 or Xbox one?

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  1. I've heard alot about both systems
    I would pick ps4.
    alot of people are expecting good things from it.
    what would you pick and why?
  2. Ps4. I've always used playstation and I hate the X-Box controls.
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  3. Neither.
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  4. Pc!!!! But if you have to pick do ps4

    Also add a poll to this thread
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  5. I've been a Xbox lover since the original xbox, but after E3 I changed my mind on consoles. Sony killed and burried microsoft at E3, so if I'm going to buy either one it will be PS4 for sure. I don't think I will get a new console, since I'm a pc gamer :p
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  6. The Xbox One is a completely off the course it should have gone. PS4, if I have too. I'd rather stick to my PC.
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  7. Ps4.
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  8. I actually did a commentary on this topic not to long ago with a hillbilly personality character just to be goofy. My opinion is still about the same as I highlight here at this point. Leaning towards PS4.

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  9. xbox one for many reasons. better exclusive games, faster access to new content like dlc's, a sturdier controller with better sound and recording hardware designed for manly hands like mine, a secure data stream with limited downtime, no security leaks, an active server moderation community that finds bugs and glitches in days instead of months like ps3 has been famous for, and a more user friendly interface for all my entertainment needs.

    come at me bro
  10. I am a PC elitist.
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