PS3 RaGe Sniping Clan Now Recruiting

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Bunkerllama, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. We are a recently formed sniping clan that is NOT all trick shotting. We are looking to grow. However, until ELITE fixes it's problem accepting applications i can not accept applications. But we will be in contact with you through email/ect. We accept:
    1)Montage video makers
    2) Trickshotters
    4) People tht love to nsipe!

    The LEADER of the clan is my secondary account, which i will notify you who that is IF you are interested. Thanks.
  2. Still looking :)
  3. i'm pretty sure Rage is already a clan. I know there are a couple on xbox, not sure about ps3 though
  4. There is Rage, but on elite i reserved RaGe :p
  5. don't forget SLB then because other people could get it first there
  6. Eh, im gonna change name anyways..
  7. Bump! This is the only ELITE official Sniping RaGE clan on PS3!