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  1. Hello EMC I was wondering if there is any one that would like to play mw3 with me or play me in a private match. If so my psn is: AdamNav1
  2. kwl i'll add you im Ep-Ppo

    what other games you got you normally play?
  3. I might play, my user name is trent948 (same as my minecraft name) PS3 RULES!!! XD
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  4. Hate MW3. I do play battlefield 3, Uncharted 2/3, and Starhawk multiplayer though.
  5. MW2 and Black ops are such better games.
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  6. Call of Duty 4 was the best.
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  7. I just don't like COD in general, I hate when little kids come on and shout adult words into the mic. I also can't stand how bad the graphics are now. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  8. Ma'am. Please. Soap is better than Price. And MW2 is ALL about soap. And roach and Ghost. But we dont speak of them.
  9. i play mw3 every now and then i play a lot of bf3 skyrim and socom though
  10. I'd love to play, psn name is xoluss I LOVE PS3!!!!!
  11. PLAY as Soap in CoD4...
  12. but he isnt as cool in it as he is in 5
  13. i love Battlefield games, Medal of Honor games, and Cod games.

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  14. Psn:nole972
    i play a variety of games including Mw3 and Dead Island
  15. /Report TheSpyPie Not playing battlefield 3 for PC.
    Kidding:p I dont hate MW3, but IMO its only good for playing locally. I prefer the BF3 online experience:)