Protecting the wild

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by newo, Apr 6, 2012.


Do you think this would work?

Yes, gime gime gime gime 4 vote(s) 44.4%
No thank you 5 vote(s) 55.6%
  1. I had this ide, but I dont think it will ever be used, ok if we made it so that if you placed a locked chest it creates a 10x10 protected force field around it or maybe you just place a locked sign on its own for that to work, like the issue that came up over from the locked chests, what will stop people abusing it? Well if we make It so that you can only make it so far out into the wilderness and make it expensive to do, it would be impossible to abuse it, you could also do it in a different form I have seen a different plugin that protects land when you place down a coal, lapis or diamond ore block. Like I said there is a low chance that this will ever be used I just wanted to see what you guys think ;)
  2. Yess I want this to happen :))
  3. I can see how benifical this would be to those living in the wild under threat of being grithed, after all empire minecraft Is survival
  4. Would be great but completely unmanageable from a server perspective. the lag involved with that sort of thing is huge. And not to mention people could use that to greif. they could come find your nice little house, which you havent got around to protecting yet. pop a few blocks, and its their house now. And that would happen alot, the mods and admin's wouldnt have time to go chase down all these claims and I can see this doing more harm than good. Although, protection for things would be great, not implementable.
  5. i really dont see this getting added, like bow said, its alot of data to keep track of on the server, and personally it would take away from the wild experience.
  6. THe wild is wild for a reason. Sure, griefers suck, and we all hate them, but its a part of the minecraft life. It's "Wild" for a reason.