ProStarter 2 Enchanted Pick Sale!

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Am I Over Priced On?

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  1. Here They Are:

    1) Silk Touch + Unbreaking 3 = A Long Silk Touch


    Price: 15k

    I accidently used the pick ONCE!

    2) Efficiency 3 + Unbreaking 3 = A Long Lasting Fast Pick


    Price: 8k

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  2. Item 1 is a reasonable price.

    Item 2 is too expensive, IMHO - it should be around 2k.

    (That's my opinion only - you asked for opinions)
  3. 2k? 12k?
  4. 2k or 12k and yeah thanks for the opinion
  5. 2k.

    Maybe 3k if you're lucky. Less than 2k if you want a quick sale.

    Same kinda principle goes for #1 - I've bought/sold them sometimes for around 5k; and sometimes for around 15k. It all depends on who wants one, who else has 'em, and so forth.

    Best of luck with it, regardless.
  6. i did put

    But i have reduced it to 12k
  7. just noticed i thought the silk touch my bad! its gone to 8k
  8. Decreased Prices!