Proposed Auction Rules/Guid lines

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  1. Thought I would tweak the rules that have been widely used for auctions and add a few bidding rules. Hopefully to allow for more productive bids. If you like, just copy and paste into your auction listing. And maybe, this could be made a sticky if people approve. ;p

    * Bidding ends 12 hours after the last valid bid
    * Item Collection terms are at the sellers discretion
    * Any UN-paid items or excessive delays can and will result in exclusion from future auctions
    * The reserve price will be stated as the "Starting Price" as listed. Any bids below that price will not be considered.
    * The following incremental bidding guild lines must be followed for all bids to be valid. Please reference the item price with the available bidding options.

    Item Price Range ||| Valid bid increase
    1r - 999r ||| 5r+ increment
    1000r - 2,000r ||| 100r+ increment
    2,001r - 10,000r ||| 500r+ increment
    10,001r - 50,000r ||| 1,000r+ increment
    50,001r + ||| 5,000r+ increment
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  2. Used em in my auction, thanks :)