Proper Vote for favourite moderator

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  1. Hi everyone :)

    Seen as their has been a large number of disputes regarding who was being voted for in the "other" section here. (cough cough Crazy cough cough) :rolleyes:
    I have decided to set up a proper voting form on google docs
    to settle this once and for all:
    Please read this post first

    Please enter you minecraft username!
    Please ONLY vote for a max of TWO moderators!

    Please vote for your two favourite ONCE, don't vote for the same person more than once!!

    NOTE: Both admins are not included in this as I know,
    that they both are everyone's favourites regardless :)

    Thanks guys, looking forward to seeing the results of this :)

    Good luck to all the Moderators, may the favourite be known!


    *EDIT* You do not have to vote for two Moderators
    If you want to vote for two, hit the "Submit another response" button, after your first vote :)
  2. EVERYONE knows that Other default Crazy1080.
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  3. I'm Voting for R0bbieJo!
    (Sorry Crazy1080)
  4. Please do not state who you are voting for in the thread, its what the voting form is for :)
  5. Well, ok Crazy, this vote will tell for sure :)
  6. I accidentally typed "Crazy1979"
  7. I am thinking, I might change it to one vote per person?
  8. I see that :mad: I fixed it for you :)
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  9. Ok Sorry bought that want me to delete that post?
  10. Actually, I will leave it as is, some people might have two favourites :)

    Crazy, you are such a humble person, good on you for not voting for yourself :)

    Sure if you want :) Thanks
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  11. Can I vote on Crazy1800, too?
  12. Uhh, leave that for your brother to do :) I know there will be something strange going on if he votes Crazy1080 :p
  13. What if I vote for people I banned? I mean, they won't be doing it so...
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  14. You are a moderator for a reason, that would totally go against the dignity all moderators should have :)
  15. plus, imagine the mass banning about to take place if he was allowed to :p

    as for the vote.. regretfully i abstain, I'd rather admire my favorite mods in secret :)
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  16. Oh dont worry, the results page will only be known to me, no one is going to see who voted for who :)
  17. *voting for crazy1080* ow sh**t this is brain washing :O!!!
  18. GameKribDuck! Your votes have been deleted, do not vote for the same person twice!
  19. Dude, if you are going to say, no caps to someone:

    I am going to say to you, watch the language!
  20. Im going to say to you that Sh*t for me is Shout, what else did you think about?

    Trololo, i'll edit it, if you feel it's a bad word for you ;)