Proper "help" Thread Etiquette

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  1. Hey guys I have been looking through that Help section of the forum just to see where I can help out and I have noticed dozens if not hundreds of posts that have already been posted and inquired about numerous times. Because of that below will be some easy rules to follow that can make your solution time faster and without having to use the forum.

    1) USE THE GUIDE - The guide is the single most important piece of information in all of the EMC universe. Odds are if you have an EMC related question that it is in there. If you haven't read it than you probably took an hour to complete the tutorial and you are missing out on a lot of vital information. From different commands to colored signs that Guide has most of it. The Guide can be found here

    2) Search for existing threads about that problem - If you type in a few simple keywords in the upper right hand corner of the page you will be brought to a list of all threads containing some or all of the keywords used. It is great for finding pre-existing solutions for problems you may have

    3) The Help section is NOT I repeat NOT for ban appeals. If you would like to appeal a ban, PM a staff member to find out who banned you. (List of Mods here: ), and PM them about why you were banned and if you think that it was unjust, why you should be unbanned.

    4) Help is for in game or forum problems - If you have a question regarding Mods for EMC or any thing Minecraft related, but not EMC related please refer to the respective threads ( and

    If you find that your problem is not helped by one of the solutions listed above than it is A-Ok to post a thread on the Help thread.
  2. Great guide! :) I also find it funny that this post isn't on the "Help and Support" board. ;)
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  3. <---look to your left. This what I think
  4. I am the 1 percent, and maybe I am discussing the help.
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