Proper EMC Bug reporting?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by chickeneer, May 7, 2012.

  1. I ran across a small bug involving something unique to EMC... should I mention it in the forums, if so where; or should I just skip to sending a message to a moderator?

    This bug won't help any player by cheating, but it is a concern of mine that my posting a bug in the forums will set a precedent.

    Any thoughts and opinions are welcome. :confused:
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  2. PM a moderator if you're worried. Otherwise, as long as it can't be abused to cheat in one way or another, post it here :)
  3. Ok, I think will just message a moderator... It is a glitch with locking chests (nothing about destroying them) Just a bug in placing them. There is nothing to gain or lose (yet) with this glitch
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  4. I found a glitch where animals don't show hearts when they breed
  5. I have noticed that before also, but that doesn't effect gameplay.
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  6. Maybe you have graphics on minimal?
  7. Nope it works in single player but not on the empire
  8. Oh than it's a bug I think?
  9. It's really weird
  10. It may also be a minecraft problem. Along with the animals' problems in town.

    This bug may be fixed whenever a Minecraft update fixes the mobs.
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