Promotional Items for Sale!

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  1. Here are the Promotional items I will be selling for the current time speaking:
    4th of July Empire Firework 2015: 18,000
    Independence day Firework 2015: 18,000
    2014 Empire Minecraft New Years Firework: 22,000
    2013 New Years Firework: 29,000
    Magical Eggcelent wand: 19,000
    Meteor Bow: 19,000
    Taste of Freedom: 1,800
    Cadenman2002 Head: Pm me for offers.
    CadenMann Head: Pm me for offers.
    2spookie4me: Pm me for offers.
    All items are negotiable.

    If would like to see more promos or see these promos there is a res on SMP8, /v FaZe_FrostBite Or 16552! :p
  2. How many fragments do you have? I'll take up to 10.
  3. what's the 2spookie4me?
  4. It's a head, I believe it's CadenMann's alt :)
  5. can't find the player with /p tho :p
    thats why im asking
  6. Not sure if it is 2spooki4me or 3spooki5me... Either way, he may have changed the name
  7. Cadenman2002's Alternate account (Still the same person behind the screen).:p
  8. Well it is Original =)
  9. I currently only have 3 due to buyers. I can sell you these three and try and get more in stock? Let me know.
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  10. That'd be great. I can't travel to an SMP8 store right now due to being out at Sushi Drop, but I'll pay any vault fees for transfer elsewhere.
  11. Sure I see you were last seen 18 minutes ago. I can mail you the item's so whenever the payment is made they will be mailed. The price is 2,100 Rupees.
  12. Dragon Stone Fragments Are back on the market.
  13. I'll take more fragments at 700 if you have them.
  14. Thistle, Getting Some more soon. Message you then.