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  1. Items:
    Full Independance Armor (unused) Head, Chest, Leg's, Boots.
    Freedom Blade (unused)
    2x Meteor Bows (unused)
    2x Empire Fireworks
    2x Independance Day Fireworks
    Pi Pie (celebrating 3,14,14)
    2x Vault Vouchers
    1x Stable Voucher
    Holiday Pick (Slightly used)
    Cupid's Arrow's (5 stacks(64x5)
    Lucky Bow (Unused)
    Magical Eggcellent Wand
    Dancer (Horse) Christmas promo ( speed 110, jump 110, Hp 30 )

    Starting Bid: 30k R

    Minimum Bid Increment: 2,500 R

    Auction Ending Time: 48 HR's after last valid Bid.

    Note: Can be picked up at /v centrino81 3 (or) can be delivered.
  2. Again, this is an invalid auction. You took out three of the four invalid items, but left one:
    • Holiday Pick (Slightly used)
    All items must be unused and in perfect condition to be auctioned. The auction rules are here.
  3. It is actually celebrating 3/14/15 (not 3/14/14)

  4. This is indeed an invalid auction. All items must be un-used. Locking. Leaving for now so you can copy/paste to try again if you want.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.