1. WOOT finally got my promo thing whatever set up lol I'm selling off all the promos in the chests at /v 11071 promos well happy promos ^_^
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  2. the stuff in my inventory is not for sale =P
  3. Random bump =P
  4. Could you make a list on here? Since some people are lazy and won't go to smp5. (totally not talking about me)
  5. sure
    • starter armor and tools
    • soulbound cows and sheep
    • empire assistance 2014 soulbound
    • fireworks 2015 independence day
    • fireworks the empire firework for that one and the independence firework
    • cupid pig
    • cupid bow all this is unused btw i have some used ones but you have to talk to me about prices for that =P
    • soul bound holliday candle
    • meteor bows
    • starter horses
    • maxarias head
    • cupid arrows
    • second chance books and empiremincraft books
    • taste of freedom (special steak lol)
    • 2014 independence fireworks
    • cooked turkey (special chicken)
    • independence 2013 firework
    • 2012 reg one that one will be 100k-200k those are rare i think 200k is cheap for that if not reply to this and ill get back to you after school lol
    • then pots o golds
  6. just making that part clear lol
  7. By the way, you can use bullets to make your list look clean, it's just a bit hard reading a giant wall of text, but that might just be me since it's late and I'm going to bed soon. Also if you are in EMC time and reading this at 1:30 AM, you should go to sleep :p
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  8. naw =P and ok ill change the text to make it hecka huge =P
  9. I agree with baadgamer, I'm having trouble reading and understanding the information in the large text.

    Bullet points would really be helpful.
  10. oh thats what you meant ok =P
  11. Yeah it's kind of super hard to read anything you just said. A picture of a chest with everything in it and then a proper list would be helpful, instead of a giant wall of text with spaces in between..
  12. ok got it