Promos that i have for sale.

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  1. I have collected quite a few promos, and am looking to sell a good portion of them, since i don't play too often, and would like others to be able to enjoy them. All of the items i have for sale are able to be negotiated, and, for the security of not wanting to be scammed, I will be recording all trades. I have the following promos, and the prices are for each separate promo:
    *Empire Firework* (2014) 15,000
    <Dancer> (I am 99% sure unused; If not, I am giving a full refund.) 45,000
    Eggcellent Wand Best offer
    Independence Day Firework (2014) 20,000
    30 "Cooked Turkey" (Thanksgiving 2014) 800
    2 "Headless Horseman Mask" (2014) 75,000
    Here is a link for pictures of each promo " "
    You can visit my first residence on SMP5 at 10754.
  2. I will take a ham hacker. Getting on to pay now!
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  3. You're quick lol
  4. can i buy the dancer?