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  1. Hope you like the soothing colors, I spent 30 seconds on choosing one. This is my promo page, I should have set this up months ago, since i'm going for every promo... But let's get to it!
    Not Buying:

    Cooked Turkey
    Taste The Freedom!
    Blizz Ard's Nose
    Maxarian Head
    Super Dragon Poop
    Dragon Poop
    2014 Ham Hacker
    2014 Turkey Slicer
    2013 Turkey Slicer
    2014 Labor Bench
    2013 Labor Bench
    ICC Flesh
    ICC Skin
    2013 Haunted Head
    2014 Headless Horseman Mask
    Spooky Egg
    Feast For A King
    2014 Birthday Cake
    All Haunted Candy
    Dragon Stone Fragment
    Dragon Stone
    Pot Of Gold
    Cupid's Bow
    Bonus Chest
    Starter Gear, including Starter "Donkey"
    Cupid Bundle
    Cupid Arrows
    Holiday Candle
    Marlix's Helmet
    Marlix's Armor
    Marlix's Leggings
    Marlix's Bow
    Magical Eggcellent Wand
    Pi Pie
    Stable Voucher
    Vault Voucher
    2014 New Years Firework
    Light Freedom Blade
    Dark Freedom Blade
    Remembrance Poppy
    Flaming Mob Launcher

    Buying: Every promo not listen in my Not Buying Section :) Though I may be too broke to buy them :p

    Cupid Bundle x2 55k ea.

    Thanks for reading!
  2. Ok, I have a few on smp7 at /v +gigi at the bottom
  3. Your spoilers wont open for me :/
  4. Your right x] Could Mattheus fix this for me pweese... anyone?
    EDIT: Nvm fixed it :)
  5. Those colors are really soothing.
    How much are the dragon stones?
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  6. Edited OP, but the answer is 15k
  7. BUMMMPpppp...
  8. I have a 2013 Haunted Head.
  9. Updated OP
  10. I have eggcellent wands want them?
  11. They are in the not buying spoiler, so no :p
  12. You are buying every promo I don't have. lol
  13. i am selling a cupids bow if u like
  14. How much would you pay for a momentus toothpick/regular dragon poop?
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  15. I have that in my not buying section
    same with the poop, but for the toothpick, start a pm
  16. im selling a Magical Eggcellent Wand
  17. Please re-read the list he has put for the promos he is not buying. :)
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  18. its under his buying "Magical Eggcellent Wand x2 11k ea."

  19. It's under my selling...
  20. I'll take both of the egg wands and the 2014 firework.
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