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  1. I just had an Idea for a promo item if it's possible. Have an anvil for like 40-60k that can be redeemed to repair any item, promo or not. Just a thought.
  2. I think this is extremely OP even if it could only be used once on soulbound/final items. Promo items are not really OP since you cannot repair them and voters armor does not have a lot of extreme enchants. -1
  3. -1
    Repairing promos... i can see how this is wanted but i can also see how it would be disallowed. Items such as the orebuster cost over 100k and if this new anvil you suggest is introduced, the prices of orebusters would lower by a substantial amount. I for one have a very damaged orebuster and the idea of repairing it sounds great, however i wouldn't want the economy of previous promo's affected by the introduction of a new one.

    Nice idea though, this is just my opinion :)
  4. Ehh, just a random thought anyways
  5. If that was implented; R.I.P Ore Busters.
  6. Here's a few ways to tweak the "promo" Lower the cost to 20-30k and have it be allowed to repair any items (not promos) without level cost, and instead of an anvil perhaps it could be a sheet of paper or something that can be placed into an anvil and repair the said item. Ideas?
  7. Would love to see a Poppy for remembrance day.
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  8. +1 that sounds great but i can't see it happening with the valentines rose already out there :(