"Promo Repo" of sorts

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  1. Basically the idea is once a res goes derelict a player can claim/force claim the res. Once this claim has happened the res erases its contents. What this idea would solve is the disappearance of promos while stimulating the emc market. Basically it'd check the res for promos and store them into a "vault" or database. Everyday say at noon emc time, a chron job would run and create automated auctions for these promos with the start bid at 1r. Say they have a random 24/48hr time frame and once the time frame elapses. A chronjob would check for who won the auction. Once the winner is determined the player will automatically payout the rupee's and receive the item via /mail.

    Any questions please ask, i would like to help clarify this idea to you. The main benefits of this suggestion is that promos get recycled instead of being lost. Itd take a little bit to program everything but once its setup it would run automatically and effectively.
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  2. No. This is the reason why they made so when a res is force claimed, you don't get anything. They don't want people going around force claiming residences for profit. Thats not the purpose of force claiming a residence.
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  3. Yeah....no. The complexity of this system as well as it's purpose being against our ideals result in its denial.
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  4. Not sure if you read the text or not but that definitely is not what this is about. If i forceclaimed a res why would i bid on an item that i would "own" if it was the way you read it? The idea was to recycle promos so that when, an original dragon egg were to go derelict, it is not gone forever but instead auctioned off by the automated system. The money goes to EMC/nobody and the player who wins the bid gets the item.
  5. Realistically with php the complexity for automating the creation of an auction and reading who wins the auction would be minimal. I could probably whip up a poor demo in 3 or so hours. If you wanted it with some reliability a bit more time would be needed. PS. Hiya Krysyy.

    Let me offer some glimpses into the programming process that I had in mind. Which may help you guys see how this idea really is not that huge. Items are already probably in a text file or a database. when the res is getting cleared, check for promos. Store it in a database saying that the next auction will contain 1 cow for instance. This would all be handled via java/mysql. Then PHP would get a hold of the database and create the auction in the forums. As well it would check for the winner. Once a winner was determined, PHP could send the winner and the item that was won to the database. Java would pickup this information and /mail the item to the player. While I do not know Java, I do know emc has a good team working to develop things. Realistically I could see it taking at most 24 hours of nonstop work. However, even putting 1 hour into it per a day would still make it a reality.
  6. Creation of the auction isn't really the hard part. Before you even get to that point, you would need to:
    -Prevent deletion of the items in the first place (right now everything is wiped)
    -Correctly identify what needs to be saved (make sure it's a promo)
    -Load those items automatically into a 'vault'

    However, the entirety of this auction system goes against EMC's core ideals. If a player goes derelict, their items go derelict with them. If they are smart enough to put them in a vault, then that's great. If not, that is their choosing. However items that are the players' possession will not be recycled in the community.
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  7. Program it for us then pls :)
  8. I would if I could. While my knowledge only goes as far as PHP/Mysql and other web design languages. It does not include Java. While I can get the gist of everything and probably piece together some crummy looking code. It wouldnt be no where near aikar quality. He has some code on his github account and its very nicely organized. Also according to krysyy its against the core values. So the idea is basically shot.

    It'd be easier and probably quicker to just record what items are being wiped. Store it into a database. You guys already have the promos listed in the wiki section.

    The vault technically doesn't have to exist since aikar has the ability to create items outta thing air but Yeah. I am just saying its easier than I originally made it out to be however it'd be an interesting feature. As for recycling to the community, if they were going to lose them anyways, whats the harm. All the while you're decreasing the amount of rupees that are floating around randomly while helping promote a promo market. I do see what you're saying as far as the core ideals. I'm tired. Tomorrow ill see if i have anything more to add to this idea that may be of interest to emc.
  9. I just shrug it off because it's not like I would ever get my hands on someone else's promos anyway.
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